What is this place? What am I doing here? Who am I?

3 min readNov 5, 2021

These are just random questions that bother us everyday. I am REGEN. This is not my real name of course. REGEN means rain in German and I’m currently living in a German speaking country, so that was kind of the reason why I chose this name when I started making things.

I’ve always been a great admirer of rain. Also how REGEN sounds makes me feel good. So therefore, I chose this.

But who am I really? I am not from the country I’m living in. German is not my mother tongue either. I came here several years ago for different reasons and just built a life.

As far as the artistic creations go, I’m making and doing a lot. Different styles, disciplines. If the things we make define who we are, why should we limit ourselves? That’s why I don’t only make 3D collectibles but also music, film and a lot of writing. Learning new things has always been one of my greatest interests and therefore I was able to teach myself a lot of different stuff with a little help of something called Internet.

I’ve been in Crypto World for some time now but didn’t think of going into the NFT World until March 2021.

When I decided to do that, I was looking for possible networks to launch my projects on. That was when I decided to use Fantom Opera Network. I’d been investing in $FTM for some time before that as well but with the hype coming over to the network, I thought that it would be a good idea to launch everything on Fantom. Low gas fees, not exactly an open sea where you have to look for hundreds of hours to find something. Pun intended in the last sentence and I’m not sorry.

Phantom Bunch

Phantom Bunch is the name of my first project. It is a bunch of 3D NFT collectibles, waiting to be minted, exclusively on Fantom Opera Network.

They’re basically Phantoms wearing all kinds of stuff. Weird stuff. But fashion is whatever you think fits you, right?

The project aims to create a community driven environment. Everything, whether it is Pixel Art or something else, has value. The value is set by us. Everything has a quality of its own therefore I don’t like when some projects talk about their stuff as the high quality stuff.

With this project, I want to start and build the community and expand the team to make big things. New projects, further developments. It does not have to necessarily be connected to the Phantom Bunch but it is a start.

Another goal in this project is to create a physical item inspired by the original Phantoms from the Phantom Bunch.

What exactly is the project? It is 187 original Phantoms from a community called the Phantom Bunch. There is a story behind that, but the time will come for me to reveal that story.

Eventually, since I saw the struggles of the NFT World, I want to be a part of a community where people can help each other achieve their goals.

I’m not saying if, instead, I’m saying when;

When this project succeeds, the main goal would be to create a rich story behind all of these creations to include everyone. They do have a rich story, it is just waiting to be told.

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